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Parason: Developing Best-in-Class Products and a Robust Customer Relationship Management System

2021: The year that was 2020 was a difficult year for everyone. We began 2021 with unwavering optimism. The year 2021 brought the sunshine of hope; it was a relief year to get back to normal. The second wave of the first quarter affected us briefly, but we safely managed......
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Parason Supplies SharpEdge Drum Pulper to Krishna Prabhas Paper’s 500 TPD Newsprint Mill

Being manufactured for the first time in India, Parason’s 12-meter SharpEdge is a high-capacity drum pulper. It comes with a maintenance-free girth gear drive and uses the replaceable refiner plate bars with Parason ERP for slushing the pulp. December 22, 2021 Parason Machinery has delivered a SharpEdge Drum Pulper which......
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Parason Partners With Zume to Launch Most Advanced Molded-Fiber Manufacturing Facility in Southeast Asia

Parason is constructing a greenfield factory where the Zume manufacturing technology will be deployed. With this deal, Parason joins a network of Zume manufacturing partners around the globe, expanding the availability and market share of Zume sustainable goods that replace plastics and styrofoam. June 9, 2021 Parason, a leading global......