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CHUK Introduces Bagasse-based Packaging for Food Delivery

With an aim to sell 8-10 million units per month, CHUK envisions revenue growth to the tune of 60 percent month-on-month with 50 percent overall revenue growth from delivery and dine-in domains. In the upcoming financial year, CHUK intends to unlock a 3-4-fold increase in revenues. December 9, 2021 India’s......
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Kuber Packaging Industries: Providing Eco-Friendly Alternatives to Single-Use Plastic Disposables through Ekopak

The core strength of the brand is the product range which is ‘backyard’ compostable within 90 days making it optimal to replace single-use plastics. Ekopak is a brand of Kuber Packaging Industries Pvt. Ltd. created with the thought of making the most sustainable packaging in the most ethical way possible.......
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Stora Enso Will Close its Virdia Operations in the United States

Stora Enso has decided to shut down its Virdia operations in line with company’s strategic choices in R&D to drive future growth and value creation from forest-based materials. January 29, 2021 Stora Enso has decided to permanently close its US-based Virdia operations during 2021. Virdia was acquired in 2014 and......

Technologies & Best Practices for Improving Paper Industry Performance

IPMA and CII have partnered to facilitate continuous improvement in energy, water and environmental performance of Indian paper industry and help them in achieving the world class standards. With the same deliberation they organized 6th edition of Papertech at Hyderabad. We present here the excerpts of the views shared during......

Rendezvous with N. Gopalaratnam

In continuation of our first feature on ‘Rendezvous with Paper People’ (with Harshpati Singhania), we have interviewed the intrepid Mr. N. Gopalaratnam. Technical guru and leader to the paper industry, Mr. Gopalaratnam carries on the luminous legacy of Late Shri S. Viswanathan, founder, Seshasayee Paper & Boards Ltd. Notably, he has presided and chaired over India’s major paper associations, and...