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Södra is Looking to Add Lignin to a Range of Forest-Based Sustainable Alternatives

For the new kraft lignin, Södra is seeking to integrate lignin within its range of forest-based materials and seeks partners to develop lignin-based sustainable alternatives to fossil materials in a range of applications. October 14, 2022 Södra, the largest forest-owner association in Sweden and an international forest industry group, produces......
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Heat Management’s HISS™ was Installed as Part of Södra Expansion 2.0 Project

“The investment was in line with Södra sustainability and decarbonization goals,” said Mr. Anders Wiman, Power and Recovery Manager, SCV. Heat Management’s HISS™ was installed as part of the Södra expansion 2.0 project, resulting in production records (+9 percent), and increased boiler load by 12 percent. With higher production comes......
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Södra’s FiberSafe: The Most Sustainable Pulp

Södra has revealed that the use of paper bale straps (FiberSafe®) rather than metal wire is a key step in its journey to make the world’s most sustainable pulp. April 5, 2021 FiberSafe® paper straps offer customers the chance to eliminate the risk of accidents from dewiring pulp bales and......