Unilever Introduces Ingman Ice Cream in Renewable Packaging Material From Stora Enso

The renewed Ingman now delivers the joy of ice cream together with the sustainability that has always been an integral part of its ice creams and factory policies.

March 16, 2020

Paperboard is a climate-friendly packaging material as such and helps companies transform into the circular bioeconomy.

Unilever Finland has introduced Ingman ice cream in a newly designed 1 litre carton made of Stora Enso’s fully renewable and recyclable packaging board.

Unilever wanted packaging that could help them meet their target of cutting the company’s environmental footprint by half in ten years. Fully renewable and recyclable 1 litre cartons made of Performa Cream™ by Stora Enso with a plant-based PE Green™ barrier coating help Unilever reduce their use of fossil-based materials and reduce waste.