14 area schools in U.S. collected 824 tons recyclable paper worth $105,000 in a year - Papermart
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14 area schools in U.S. collected 824 tons recyclable paper worth $105,000 in a year

The Recovered Fiber Group (RFG) of Caraustar Industries and Domtar Corporation celebrated the 10th year of paper recycling partnership with 14 area schools in Texas and Arkansas by presenting a check totaling $105,211 to be shared among the participating schools. The dollar amount reflected school-based collections of approximately 824 tons of recyclable paper over the past 12 months, an increase of 100 tons over last year.
A team-based approach
Domtar provides each school with a 30-yard recycling bin and includes the school in its area-wide paper donation program, which provides a steady stream of fiber. Caraustar services each bin and utilizes the fiber to manufacture products that contain recycled paper, such as paper cores that are produced by Caraustar’s Converted Products Group location in Texarkana and supplied to Domtar The funds awarded to the participating schools benefit educational programs including science, math, technology and environmental.
Sharon Strawn, general manager of Caraustar’s Texarkana Recycling Facility, stated, “This school-based recycled paper collection program has instilled tremendous knowledge of the positive impact that recycling has on the environment, the end ues markets of recycled paper, its complementary financial rewards and extends a greater understanding of sustainability to all the program’s participants and their respective communities. This program is positive for all of us, and sends a message to other schools and their respective communities to become involved.”