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A Full-Size Heidelberg Letterpress Developed Using Paper

Following a meticulously built collection of meals and household goods, Korean artist Lee Ji-hee returns to a more mechanical subject matter with a life-sized paper model of the Heidelberg letterpress.

July 7, 2021

Heidelberg Letterpress

For her latest project Korean artist, Lee Ji-hee has recreated an iconic full-size Heidelberg Letterpress from paper and card. The finished sculpture which measures 1500 mm x 1800 mm x 1600 mm in size adds to the artist portfolio which includes other cardboard creations such as an. 8 m cardboard train, paper flowers, food and shoes.

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As reported in a leading daily — the paper Heidelberg Letterpress is a near-exact replica of the original German model, which Lee Ji-hee carefully studied before attempting her amazing project constructed from corrugated cardboard and paper. The cardboard Heidelberg Letterpress took three months to build and has been created to celebrate the long history of printing on Chungmuri and Euljiro streets in Seoul.

“Eulji-Ro Printing Street was the Mecca of the printing industry of the Republic of Korea. People who wrote books and needed papers must have been to Eulji-Ro Printing Street at least once. Although the habit of reading books of citizens has been reducing from the past, the communication through the paper is still significantly meaningful. Paper printing media must not stay in the role from the past but will have to look for ways to the future with new changes.”

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The original Heidelberg Letterpress is often referred to as the Heidelberg Windmill after the shape and movement of its paper feed system was first introduced to the world in 1914 and was manufactured between 1923 and 1985. Although no longer being manufactured it is still in wide use for commercial and enthusiast letterpress printing and the company today produces offset presses and printing-related products for the paper and printing industries.