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Ahlstrom announces further restructurings & capacity reduction

Ahlstrom Corporation announced that it will take further restructuring measures in order to adjust its operations to the weakening demand. The company is planning plant closures in Italy and temporary and permanent layoffs worldwide.
In Italy, Ahlstrom has started negotiations on a permanent closure of its Gallarate and Carbonate sites, as well as on a closure of one production line in Cressa. The measures will be implemented gradually starting from the first quarter of 2009. All three sites produce nonwoven wiping fabrics.
In Finland, Ahlstrom has issued a proposal to start negotiations with the personnel representatives in Karhula, Mikkeli and Tampere. Ahlstrom’s plants in Karhula and Mikkeli produce glass non wovens products, while Tampere plant produces filtration materials.
Also the company has issued a proposal to start a cooperation procedure at its Kauttua plant in Finland regarding temporary layoffs of personnel in its crepe paper production. The potential layoffs on Paper Machine 4 are targeted to adapt the production volumes of crepe paper to match the current demand and stock levels, Ahlstrom said.
The potential layoffs will not affect the deliveries of crepe paper to customers, Ahlstrom said. PM 4 is part of Ahlstrom’s Technical Papers business area, which is made up of eight product lines with crepe papers being one of the product lines. In addition to Kauttua, Ahlstrom produces crepe papers in two other plants in Central Europe.