Aryan Paper Group Launches Corrugated Board-based Emergency Hospital Bed

As per various scientific studies available, COVID-19 virus can survive for 12 hours on paper, whereas up to 72 hours on plastic and metal.

April 11, 2020

Aryan Paper Group
High-Quality Kraft Paper Based Corrugated Board Hospital Bed

In light of the current COVID-19 crisis, Aryan Paper Group has come up with an idea to contribute to the nation in the fight against the novel coronavirus pandemic. The Gujarat-based paper mill has conceptualized a unique and highly innovative emergency hospital bed that has been made from high-quality Kraft paper based corrugated board using high strength paper.

This Made-in-India bed is uniquely designed for:

  • Ease of assembly and usage: Requires no tools or screws/glue
  • Flat-stacked in transit and light weight: 10 kg, easy to transport & move around
  • Solution can be rapidly scaled: Ability to make 10,000 beds per week
  • High strength & sturdiness: Can easily take over 200 kg of load
  • 100% re-pulpable & environment friendly
  • Most cost-effective option available
  • Length = 6.5 ft, width = 3 ft, height = 3 ft

Aryan Group would be contributing the first 1000 beds for the betterment of the nation. The company is located at GIDC, Vapi in the state of Gujarat.