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Bellmer's State-of-the-Art Headboxes and Filmsizers

Day 3-4 Newsletter, 26-27th October 2013
The German paper machinery builder, Gebr. Bellmer GmbH Maschinenfabrik, is well known for the proven headbox technology, ensuring an even CD profile and first-class paper sheet formation.
In order to strengthen their market position and to enlarge their know-how for headboxes, Bellmer acquired the paper machinery technology of the Finnish Vaahto Group, comprising headboxes for medium and large paper machines. In the meantime, this acquisition has proved to be very successful, as during the last months, Bellmer could sell seven further headboxes all over the world.
In the last decades, Bellmer and Vaahto delivered several hundred headboxes – a quite impressive figure.
In 2012, Bellmer started-up a new Turbo Filmsizer™ for Kuantum Papers in India. The aim of the project was to improve the paper strength and to reduce paper breaks. The Bellmer Turbo Filmsizer fitted the bill. This tool is flexible and allows operation with different media; for example, sizing, pigmenting and coating. It can also be operated at much higher consistencies than a conventional size press.
Bellmer has been awarded three further orders for a Filmsizer.