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Federation of Corrugated Box Manufacturers of India Organizes Its 45th Annual Conference

This year Himachal Pradesh Corrugated Box Manufacturers Association took up the responsibility of holding the FCBM Conference.

November 21, 2016

Federation of Corrugated Box Manufacturers PM Vol17 No5 Dec Jan 2016 17
Mr. N. X. George (right) at the award ceremony.

FCBM’s 45th conference was held from 18-20 November in Chandigarh with interactive technical seminars and an extensive exhibition based on machinery. The important event for corrugators in India provided a suitable platform for interaction and networking among the people concerned with the industry from all over India and abroad. The event this year was organized by HPCBMA, which ensured a fine line of sessions dotted with technical sessions, panel discussions, and addresses by prominent players in the field.

Discussing the future of box and box making, the topics such as competiveness, efficiency, and investment were taken up. Improving print quality, understanding exact customers needs, paper packaging, food grade packaging, etc. were other subjects taken up for the consideration in various sessions.

FCBM was started nearly 45 years ago. Over these many years we have grown in terms of membership and activities. FCBM has become the only authoritative organization for all corrugators in India. FCBM is the largest organization of corrugators in the world. The FCBM with 12 regional associations is creative with useful programs both educational and cultural, like technical seminars, tours, and promotions.

Speaking about the event, FCBM’s current president Mr. N. X. George said, “My concentration was to evolve FCBM as an Association to be reckoned with in the international forums of packaging industry. Though this is not an easy endeavor, still we have achievements like more recognition by TAPPI and AICC and also ICCA and to some extent even by FEFCO.”

Packaging industry in India is growing at around 12 percent. Corrugated Box Industry is growing at a higher rate due to penetration of corrugated box in new areas like horticulture and vegetables. “At the moment, the corrugated industry faces sluggish market conditions. It is due to the fall in exports from India. Lack of expected growth in certain sectors of industry has also affected the demand for corrugated. The situation will definitely improve for the better in the future,” said Mr. George.

Speaking on the importance of the corrugation industry and its prospective growth, Mr. George said, “Presently, the entire logistics is based, to a great extent, on corrugated boxes. Modern world cannot function without corrugated boxes. Corrugated box manufacturers are a key economic factor in India’s and world economy. The growth of corrugated industry in India is guaranteed because of the general economic growth and also due to its potential in new areas. Corrugated is the most eco-friendly among all packaging.”

Though corrugated industry is very vital for the functioning and growth of economy, the support to the industry from the Government is insufficient. Two key areas where the govt. might immediately attend to are the modernization of corrugated industry to world standards and making of international quality kraft papers available at international prices. For modernization we need advanced machinery and lab testing equipment.

This is fact that corrugated Industry in India remains low in technology and the industry has to invest immensely in modernization and automation if it aims to become competitive with global players, who are offering better functional boxes. Mr. George sought the Govt.’s intervention in this regard. “The Government support is vital for this industry in financial and procedural areas. Most of the corrugators are in SME Sector. Modern machinery and lab equipment of international standards are expensive. Government support is needed in the form of easier credit and subsidies for investment in plant and machinery. Best quality kraft papers are not available in India and for this vital raw material the Government should allow duty free import of kraft and other papers,” said Mr. George.