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Netherlands-based FOLBB Starts New Investment to Expand Production

At the FOLBB’s folding boxboard mill in Eerbeek, the existing press section will be replaced with a new shoe press and the infrared installation will also be upgraded.

July 27, 2022

Image Source: FOLBB

The Netherlands-headquartered FOLBB Group has initiated a multi-year investment programme to upgrade and increase its manufacturing capacities at its facility in Eerbeek, as per the official statement released by FOLBB.

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“As a first step, the folding boxboard mill in Eerbeek… will replace the current press [with] a new shoe press. The infrared installation used to dry the cartonboard will be upgraded at the same time. This will result [with a] higher production efficiency and lower gas consumption,” according to the statement.

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The Eerbeek mill produces cartonboard for segments like – food, personal care, and pharmaceuticals. The current press equipment section has reached the end of its technical life and will be completely replaced by a state-of-the-art shoe press. The investment will deliver better performance and increased efficiency for the pressing process. Additionally, it will enable the mill to save approximately 5 percent on the use of natural gas.

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In order to execute the expansion project and accommodate the replacement of the facility’s existing press, the production operations at the factory will be paused for a month starting on 13 September 2022, the Dutch carton manufacturer said. Founded in 1661, FOLBB is a European cartonboard producer with a focus on virgin fiber cartonboard, having two production locations – Baieresbronn in Germany and Eerbeek in the Netherlands.