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InNow introduces Echogen Power Systems

InnowInNow LLC., a US- and India-based company has a novel business concept. Its formula takes advantage of the burgeoning economic growth occurring on the Indian sub-continent and combines it with the strong capital formation opportunities in India. They then use these regional advantages to leverage the wealth of new technologies being developed across a wide spectrum of sciences in the U.S. and elsewhere.
InNow has recently introduced a new technology known as Echogen Power Systems – Waste Heat Recovery. Echogen’s system captures the exhaust heat energy that typically vents to atmosphere from industrial processes and converts it to useful power. While this concept is not new, Echogen’s technology uses supercritical CO2 (sCO2) as its working fluid, which allows for a more compact, lighter and economical configuration than traditional steam systems.
In addition, ABS Materials, Inc. has recently introduced a patented innovation using shape-changing glass materials called Osorb®. Osorb can be used to separate volatile organic chemicals from water and is making possible novel solutions for many types of clean-ups.