Mondi introduces new paper-based diaper packaging – EcoWicketBag for Drylock

The new paper-based packaging solution – EcoWicketBag can be placed in existing paper streams, even in countries with the strictest recycling regulations, thereby supporting the circular economy.

December 21, 2020

The new sustainable packaging solution – EcoWicketBag. Image: Mondi

Mondi, a global leader in packaging and paper, has introduced a new paper-based packaging – EcoWicketBag for Drylock Technologies’ baby diaper ranges, bringing sustainable paper-based packaging to the hygiene market globally.

The global hygiene products manufacturer reached out to Mondi to come up with a more sustainable alternative to its existing plastic diaper packaging that would travel well, have a strong shelf-appeal, and protect the product –at the same time, using renewable resources and significantly reducing its CO2 footprint.

Werner Van Ingelgem, R&D director at Drylock Technologies states “We approached Mondi because of their expertise in paper packaging and their extensive knowledge of the global hygiene market. Consumers are looking for more sustainable packaging that is kinder to the planet without compromising on the integrity of the product. With the EcoWicketBag, consumers can be confident of product quality and packaging sustainability.”

In particular, a major advantage of using paper-based packaging is the recyclability of paper and that consumers are more likely to know how to dispose of it correctly. The EcoWicketBag can be placed in existing paper streams, even in countries with the strictest recycling regulations, thus, supporting the circular economy. An EcoWicketBag made out of fully compostable materials is also available.

Moreover, Mondi also assured that EcoWicketBag fits with Drylock Technologies’ existing plant processes, meaning it is the first paper wicket bag range that can be filled and sealed on existing machines.

Claudio Fedalto, Chief Operating Officer Paper Bags, Mondi says “We work closely with our clients using our customer-centric EcoSolutions approach to create packaging that is fit for purpose – using paper where possible, plastic when useful. With Drylock Technologies, it was key to reduce the amount of plastic used, meet our customer’s sustainability targets and protect the products for consumers. By liaising closely and asking the right questions from the outset, we have been able to deliver on all of the above.”