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Pap-Tech Engineers: Consistently Upgrading & Modernising are Key Growth Enablers

It has been about thirty years since the inception of Pap-Tech Engineers & Associates. Based out of Rajasthan, the Company is a notable specialist in providing cost-effective and efficient equipment and its parts to the pulp and paper industry. In a conversation with Paper Mart magazine, Mr. V.K. Agarwal, CEO, Pap-Tech Engineers & Associates, presents an outline of the company’s journey, product portfolio, the importance of upgrading technology, and the way forward for the company.

Pap-Tech Engineers
Mr. V.K. Agarwal, CEO, Pap-Tech Engineers & Associates

Paper Mart: To start with, please take us through a brief history of Pap-Tech Engineers & Associates and some significant milestones.

V.K. Agarwal: Pap-Tech Engineers & Associates was started in 1993 as a firm with humble beginnings yet with high-quality paper testing equipment. The company has achieved many milestones in its journey of nearly three decades. We now have a team of skilled engineers with an average experience of 35 years or so in the field of mechanical, electrical, electronics, or related relevant backgrounds. Additionally, there is a team of proficient designers and engineers in the ‘After-Sales Service’ support team.

In 1997, the Company forayed into paper machine manufacturing. Later on, we also began importing paper machines and spare parts – both new and second-hand from different countries with the objective of providing better quality control, effective production, and efficient after-sales services & support to our customers. Pap-Tech Engineers is engaged in the manufacturing and distribution of physical testing equipment, bursting strength tester, and pulp testing equipment, amongst others. We export our products to the USA, the UAE, Brazil, Dubai, the Philippines, Vietnam, Bangkok, Egypt, and Bangladesh.

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PM: Describe your product portfolio for the pulp and paper industry.

VKA: Pap-Tech Engineers has a wide range of products and solutions to offer to the paper industry. We have a complete range of physical testing equipment, paper testing equipment, paper mill machinery, pulp testing equipment, environmental testing equipment, and packaging testing equipment. Furthermore, we also provide bursting strength tester, centri cleaner system, pulp mill machinery, and auto guide.

Additionally, we have a complete range of paper machines and sections, including, pope reel, high-speed rewinders, pressurised air cushion headbox, hydraulic headbox, combination roll suction, roll top former dandy roll, pressure former jumbo press, size press, film press, shoe press, drying cylinders, yankee cylinders, gloss calenders, blade coaters, multizone nippco, soft nip & hard nip calenders, kuster type hard-nip & soft nip calenders, and simple solid & steam calenders. We offer converting units like high-speed double knife cutters and high-speed rewinders.

Furthermore, we also provide equipment for Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP), consistency control basis weight valve control, headbox control, and auto guide. There are also pulp mill and stock preparation equipment like brown stock washers, high-speed washers, disc thickeners, poly disc filters, and various models of high-efficiency centricleaners, drum pulper, d pulper, fractionators, pressure screens, and high-efficiency baskets slotted and holed as per the customised specifications. We also provide used paper machines, used pulp mills, used pressure screens, and other equipment from A to Z, with a capacity ranging from 50 TPD to 800 TPD. We also provide consultancy services to paper mills for upgrades in quality and production.

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PM: What do you think are the challenges in the paper manufacturing industry which affect the profitability? What is your outlook on the importance of upgrading the technology?

VKA: The Indian paper mills are indeed on a swift growth path. The demand for paper and paper-based products has been significantly growing. In my understanding, it is almost imperative for paper manufacturers to regard quality as the top consideration. The market dynamics are not a major challenge.

One of the major challenges faced by the manufacturers is the non-availability of quality waste papers which is a major raw material for recycled paper-based mills. The quality of inputs, poor selection of appropriate machinery, and unskilled workmanship have an indelible impact on the runnability of machines. I believe that the profitability of the papermakers can be drastically enhanced with upgradations. Every mill should invest about 50 percent of the net profit in quality enhancements and the adoption of modern technologies.

“When paper mills put their efforts and make investments in upgradations and latest technologies… it paves the way to achieve more profitability.”

PM: In what ways do efforts and investments in modern technologies play a role in enhancing the productivity and efficiency of paper mills?

VKA: It is quite true that when paper mills put their efforts and make investments in upgradations and the latest technologies such as various parts and equipment of their paper machine section, then they will be able to sell their paper and paper products at higher prices. Thereby, it paves the way to achieve more profitability. Concerning achieving optimum export quality, upgrading the technology again plays a key role.

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PM: What do you think are the factors behind the growth of the company?

VKA: Our recent business growth has been tremendous and is increasing consistently because of our policy of providing high quality at low prices. We believe in following a transparent and honest approach in the business which is why we have seen a distinct growth year by year.

Moreover, we are constantly introducing upgrades in the machines almost on a yearly basis. Nowadays, we are manufacturing instruments with Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) printers which are micro-control-based.