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Bellmer Upgrades Press Section and Increases Pre-Dryer Section at Greenpaper Mill in Mexico

The joint PM3 rebuild project between Bellmer and Greenpaper began in 2018, and the PM1 has already been modernized together with Bellmer. April 05, 2021 Bellmer has rebuilt the press section and increased the pre-dryer section of PM 3 at Greenpaper’s facility in Mexico. The works included a new TurboPress......
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Headbox reconditioning yields 30% better dry weight profiles at ITC Bhadrachalam

Manik Seth
Small things really do make a big difference. For example, the right headbox adjustments and careful cleaning alone can significantly improve the overall performance of a production line. ITC, Bhadrachalam learned this lesson firsthand after the headbox of its BM 1 was thoroughly tested and reconditioned. Bhadrachalam Unit, part of......
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BTG's award-winning sensor for total consistency and ash content

Manik Seth
Revolutionizing consistency measurement across a whole range ofpapermaking applications, BTG's new TCR-2502 in-line transmitterdelivers the industry's most accurate, cost-effective solution....