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Shreyans Industries: ‘Cultivating Eucalyptus Trees Irrigated with our Own Treated Wastewater’

“Lifecycle of the eucalyptus tree is in between 3-5 years depending upon the variety of saplings. We have been continually planting new plants after each cycle,” says Mr. Rajneesh Oswal, Chairman & Managing Director, Shreyans Industries Ltd. Shreyans Industries Ltd. has two paper manufacturing units located at Ahmedgarh and Banah......
Special Feature

FPTA: ‘China Plus One Strategy’ to Benefit India due to its Demographics, Low Cost, and a Strong Domestic Market

2021: The year that was The year 2021 brought mixed results for the domestic players. Last year saw prices moving northwards in spurts and therefore, increasing the top-line and making the bottom line healthier. In spite of the impact of the second wave of COVID-19 felt by the domestic players,......
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The Archroma Way to a Sustainable World: Making Sustainable, Innovative Chemistry to Make Good Business for All

The company recently launched Appretan® NTR6304, a water-based polymeric binder based on renewable natural ingredients. Archroma is a global leader in colours and specialty chemicals. The company provides expertise in the management of whiteness, colouration, special coatings and strength for all kinds of packaging and paper. Archroma is well known......
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Orient Paper & Industries reports 38.72 percent growth in sales in Q3 FY22

The paper manufacturing company reported a total turnover of INR 164.94 crore in Q3 FY22, which is up by 38.23 percent, from the turnover of INR 119.32 crore in Q3 FY21. February 23, 2022 Orient Paper & Industries Limited (OPIL) has shared its consolidated financial results for the period ended......

Paper Traders to Continue Working in Sync with the Paper Industry

“My only submission to the paper industry is that the more the paper traders are taken as a partner in the overall paper manufacturing operation, the more the mills will stand to gain in their businesses. After all, both the mills and the traders are there to give the service......
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FINISHING CONVERTING & HANDLING : For Paper, Flawless and Safer

Paper has many faces. Intricate processes of finishing and converting render the paper those many faces; handling ensures the faces reach the user intact. The ultimate usability of paper depends on a number of factors. The rolls of paper produced by the paper machine must still undergo a number of......