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Paperchine: Technology that Excels

The company sees itself as not only the provider of new technology, but also as the maximizer of existing equipments’ capacity
Paperchine 1Paperchine is an engineering company providing many crucial consumables and services to the paper industry. Paper Mart interviewed Mr. Vaughn Wildfong, Senior Vice President, Paperchine at the sidelines of Paperex 2015 to know more about his company and offerings. Here are the excerpts:
Paper Mart: A Brief about your company and the product portfolio you offer.
Vaughn Wildfong: Paperchine is a technology company offering engineered equipment, consumables and services from headbox to winder. Paperchine has engineering, applications, specialty service and manufacturing locations in Beloit, Wisconsin, USA; Springfield, Massachusetts, USA; Bangkok Thailand; and Frankfurt, Germany.
PM: What are the new developments at your companies that you would like to share?
VW: Paperchine excels at providing the latest patented paper machine technology such as shoe/blade gap forming, spraysizing, and automated adjustable table technology, but at the lowest installed cost. These products are in demand due their benefits such as providing savings in fiber and/or starch usage, and energy costs while simultaneously increasing capacity and product quality. Another recent development for our customers is the launch of our Southeast Asian service group out of our Bangkok facility. This group provides highly trained specialty mechanical and engineering service to help our customers maximize the operating efficiency and life of their installed equipment.
PM: What are your thoughts on the Indian pulp and paper industry and what is your strategy for this market for next 2-3 years?
VW: We view the Indian market as a growing and dynamic market. We not only see a good fit between the market and our approach to provide the latest technology, but also maximize the use of existing equipment in the machine. The approach is to have engineering experience to rebuild only what is needed, to minimize the installed cost to our customer. This expertise and approach has been very successful for our customers, keeping their installed project costs low and the return on investment high, while still having access to the latest papermaking technology.
PM: According to you what are the opportunities and challenges of working in the Indian pulp and paper industry?
VW: We believe there are numerous opportunities working in the Indian market and these will continue to grow. India is a focus market for Paperchine. We are committed to providing the best technical expertise to help our customers not only from our experienced personnel from North America and Europe, but additionally from local, close to customer resources in Southeast Asia.