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Parason Partners With Zume to Launch Most Advanced Molded-Fiber Manufacturing Facility in Southeast Asia

Parason is constructing a greenfield factory where the Zume manufacturing technology will be deployed. With this deal, Parason joins a network of Zume manufacturing partners around the globe, expanding the availability and market share of Zume sustainable goods that replace plastics and styrofoam. June 9, 2021 Parason, a leading global......

JMC Paper Tech Signs Tripartite Agreement With Papcel and SLMC

JMC Paper Tech along with SLMC and Papcel India will explore and provide highest quality of products to the paper mills, and make use of existing network ensuring sustainable development. July 17, 2019 JMC Paper Tech has signed an agreement of tripartite cooperation with SLMC from China and the Czech......
Special Feature

Better Forests Mean Better Business

Philip Tapsall The 21st of March marks International Day of Forests. For businesses, the day comes as a friendly reminder of the importance of forests and how paper companies can play a crucial role in contributing to the conservation of the world’s rapidly depleting forests. Global demand for paper is......

Paperchine: Technology that Excels

The company sees itself as not only the provider of new technology, but also as the maximizer of existing equipments’ capacity Paperchine is an engineering company providing many crucial consumables and services to the paper industry. Paper Mart interviewed Mr. Vaughn Wildfong, Senior Vice President, Paperchine at the sidelines of......

Ilim Group Named Best Russian Exporter-2013

July 8, 2014 Ilim Group was named the Best Russian Exporter in Pulp & Paper industry under the “Best Russian Exporter-2013”, the annual all-Russian award organized by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce of the Russian Federation. In 2013 Ilim Group exported 1.8 million tons of P&P products. The company......