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Pudumjee's innovative hygiene solutions saving the environment

The paper manufacturing industry is considered an ecology destroyer. Deforestation is making virgin paper pulp derived from wood fast disappear from the planet. But, as for Pudumjee Hygiene Products Limited, it has turned eco friendliness into its defining trait. The result is a range of green hygiene solutions that are truly unique.

Mr. Jatia and Mr. Arun Jatia
Mr. Jatia and Mr. Arun Jatia

Pudumjee uses recycled paper in innovative way. It uses 100% recycled tissue paper as the base for a host of hygiene products made under the brand name, Greenlime, its flagship brand. Taking its eco-friendly philosophy forward, the company has set up a futuristic waste-paper ‘de-inking and pulping’ facility.
The tissue paper industry, globally, is faced with two major challenges. The first is the holistic challenge of educating consumers to use disposable and biodegradable products.
The second is the ecological challenge that involves shattering set myths and convincing longstanding users of non-tissue based cleaning products to switch over to tissue made from 100% recycled paper. Hygiene and sanitation are not, indeed should not, be the privilege of a few but should be easily accessible to India’s teeming millions. With that as their aim and with their efforts to understand the diverse consumer needs, through Greenlime brand, they have devised a 360-degree line-up of world class hygiene solutions, that include futuristic tissue and handwash dispensers, paper towels, facial tissues and napkins, toilet rolls, wet wipes, disposable bed covers, antibacterial and biodegradable liquid and foam handwash, hand-sanitizer, automatic odor neutralizers and adding to the range consistently. These cater to diverse enterprises such as offices, hospitals, airlines and high-volume food processing industry and service facilities.
Since Consumer satisfaction is their primary goal, they have gone that extra mile to prepare base sheets for each category of products to suit not only their type but also their disposal methods.
Special initiatives like the ‘washroom etiquette kit’ to help those who hail from small towns to use modern washrooms best reflect Pudumjee’s philosophy of promoting a hygienic lifestyle. They have also encouraged consumers to know more about tissue products and test the tissue quality by printing testing method instructions on the tissue packs.
Pudumjee Hygiene has made a mark in the tissue paper industry simply because as a company it stresses complete hygiene solutions rather than isolated off-the-shelf products that lack insight. By embossing its brand name on tissue sheets and branding the inner core of toilet rolls, Pudumjee products promise consistency of quality. And consistent attention to these details has made it the only tissue company in India with 3 ISO certifications for Quality management, Environmental management and Food Safety Management Systems; to its credit.
Further, aimed at specific needs of user groups, Pudumjee offers customised products in various shapes, colours and sizes. The Management considers the quality assurance that comes with it, “priceless”.