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SKF and the pulp and paper industry

SKF TeamDay 3-4 Newsletter, 26-27th October 2013
SKF products and services can help keep equipment running as efficiently and profitably as possible. At the equipment level, SKF has many essential solutions, including:
The SKF self-aligning bearing system – this system incorporates a CARB toroidal roller bearing in the non-locating position and an SKF Explorer spherical roller bearing in the locating position. With this bearing system, misalignment is accommodated and axial expansion of the shaft is accommodated within the CARB bearing, virtually without friction.
SKF’s NoWear and INSOCOAT bearings. The latter, for example, protects against electrical erosion and has saved customers as much as €50,000 per year in maintenance costs.
To virtually eliminate possible mounting errors and increase the service life of large bearings and worker safety, SKF has developed and patented SensorMount. Comprised of a bearing with a sensor and a hand-help indicator, SensorMount is a revolutionary bearing mounting system that controls bearing inner ring expansion during drive-up on tapered shaft seatings.
At the process level, SKF can help customers:
Boost overall machine efficiency with SKF paper machine optimization programme which turns vibration data into actionable information that can help operators make informed decisions improving runnability and reliability.
Align maintenance tasks with equipment optimization objectives and improve throughput by increasing machine availability with an SKF Maintenance Strategy Review.
Make operators an integral part of an overall reliability-based asset management strategy, resulting in reduced maintenance costs and equipment downtime by developing and implementing an Operator Driven Reliability (ODR) programme from SKF. With ODR, operators take the lead role in communicating findings and initiating timely corrective actions for degrading equipment.
Reduce maintenance costs while improving Overall Machine Efficiency with SKF Integrated Maintenance Solutions programmes that combine optimizing condition monitoring and lubrication practices with the integrated delivery of consumables, such as bearings, grease and seals, in a collaborative agreement, backed by a performance guarantee.