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Smurfit Kappa Launches Biodegradable Substitute for Agricultural Sector

AgroPaper is an example of a truly circular product that solves a critical issue for many farmers and opens up a world of possibilities.

January 30, 2019

Smurfit Kappa
Smurfit Kappa’s newly introduced renewable and compostable paper– AgroPaper will replace the use of plastic in the agricultural sector.

AgroPaper is a renewable and compostable paper designed to replace the plastic material that is used by many farmers and growers for mulching when growing vegetables. Mulching refers to placing a material (mulch) on the ground to improve the soil around plants, prevent weeds growing and maintain the temperature of the land.

A team of specialists from Smurfit Kappa’s Nervion and Sangüesa Paper Mills worked with the INTIA (a research centre for agrifood technology in Spain) to identify a way to use long pine fibres from sustainably managed local forests as a basis for the new paper. The polythene that is most commonly used for mulches can be difficult and costly to remove and leaves behind small fragments that can be consumed by animals. AgroPaper, on the other hand, is an eco-friendly material that safely and harmlessly biodegrades as a compost into the ground. Tests on AgroPaper revealed that in many cases the crop yield actually increased.