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Stora Enso to close mills in Finland

Europe’s biggest paper maker Stora Enso said in a statement that it is planning to permanently close down its sawmill in Tolkkinen by the end of this year and its pulp mill in Sunila during the second quarter of next year. In addition, the company said it would permanently shut down an uncoated fine paper machine at its Imatra mills at the beginning of 2010.

Stora Enso also said it would shut down its mills in Varkaus unless demand and pricing for uncoated fine paper clearly recover. The plans are to affect approximately 450 to 1,100 employees in Finland.

According to Jouko Karvinen, Stora Enso’s chief executive, the company’s operating environment has deteriorated faster than ever before. “As we cannot change this operating environment, we will instead continue to change Stora Enso so we can operate in the new environment and ensure a brighter future for the Group,” Mr Karvinen added.