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Sulzer Brings Large Medium-Consistency Pump for Pulp and Paper Industry

December 08, 2021

Image: Sulzer

Sulzer has introduced an enormous medium-consistency pump, the MCE93-400 – in line with customers’ demands for bigger production rates in pulp and paper mills. The MCE pumps have been designed to achieve a reliable performance level as regards the capacity range, temperature, and pressure of the pumped medium.

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The capacity of the pump can attain up to 10,000 ADMT/d (air dry metric tons per day), the flow of around 940 l/s, and the head up to 180 metres. Additionally, the MCE pump is suitable for the common consistency range of 10 to 12 percent and a pressure rating of 25 bar.

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Speaking about the MCE pump, Jussi Heinonen, Product Manager for MC equipment, Sulzer, remarks, “The new MCE93-400 medium-consistency pump size is an excellent addition to Sulzer’s MC equipment offering. It has been designed to operate very efficiently, thus saving energy, water, and chemical costs in the pulp and paper mill processes. The unique and innovative design features of the pump minimize its life cycle costs.”

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Sulzer’s MCE centrifugal pumps are suitable for a range of applications such as – demanding process applications, pump medium-consistency fibrous suspensions, slurries with a high dry solid content, and media with high gas content. They cover all medium-consistency applications for pulp, paper and board as well as related biomass and biofuel applications.

The MCE93-400 pumps are made at Sulzer’s production facility in Kotka, Finland. Then, the first big MCE pumps have been dispatched to a major pulp manufacturer in South America.