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UPM Initiates a New Combined Heat & Power (CHP) Plant for Carbon Neutrality at Paper Mill

UPM is committed to undertaking several initiatives such as climate-positive forestry, innovating novel products, and investment in renewable and efficient energy solutions to power its own sites, while taking part in the transformation of energy systems in Europe. November 4, 2022 UPM has inaugurated a new combined heat and power......

Yantra Harvest Energy: Improving Efficiency of Paper Mills through Energy Savings

Yantra Harvest Energy Pvt. Ltd. is a leading energy-saving solution provider in India. It is a BEE Approved Grade–1 ESCO company since 2013 and provides ESCO/OPEX energy-saving solutions to harvest energy without any CAPEX. The Company provides a range of solutions for the pulp & paper industry including Energy Conservation......