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Riyo Parapack: Corrugated Packaging on the Cusp of Strong and Steady Growth

The Indian corrugated market at the moment is stable and poised for a very strong growth in the next several years, particularly, with the rise in food packaging and e-commerce packaging. Riyo Parapack Pvt. Ltd. is a Mumbai-based packaging company offering a wide range of corrugated packaging solutions under a......

Corrugated Box Manufacturers Fears Impending Crisis

Himachal Pradesh Corrugated Box Manufacturers Association has sought the intervention of the Prime Minister in this regard April 1, 2016 According to a report published in The Tribune, Himachal Pradesh Corrugated Box Manufacturers Association (HPCBMA) has sought a check on the “monopoly” of paper mill owners, who were announcing frequent......
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Corrugated Packaging Sector Now Allows the Personal Touch

Customised packaging is becoming increasingly popular and the Corrugated Industry is exploiting the latest digital printing technology to provide even more commercial opportunities for retailers and brand owners. Corrugated already protects, is colour-printable, merchandisable and the most recycled packaging medium. The latest advances in digital printing from a number of......