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SCA: To India, With Heritage of Hygiene and Sustainability

As Europe’s largest private forest owner having considerable experience in sustainable forest management and the manufacture of hygiene products, SCA brings that history and heritage to India in the form of this fantastic factory. SCA inaugurated its first factory in India at Pune, Maharashtra on March 4, 2015. SCA, founded......

Forbes Marshall – Powering Innovative Solutions

Day 2 Newsletter, 25th October 2013 Datta Kuvalekar, Head, Forbes Marshall Limited, said, “Serving the Indian and international pulp and paper industry for more than seventy-five years with its focus on improving the energy efficiency of pulp and paper mill operations through innovative steam engineering and control instrumentation solutions, Forbes......
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Global Benchmarks For Specific Steam Consumption: The Indian Perspective

Datta Kuvalekar is the Head of Forbes Marshall Limited and has surveyed over 500 paper machines globally in his career spanning 2 decades of research, design, engineering of Paper machine steam and condensate systems, heat transfer equipment and Energy Efficient Innovations across multiple industries. His passion continues to be aimed at reducing steam consumption in paper mills across the globe....