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Twin Orifice Steam Trap (TOFT)Day 2 Newsletter, 25th October 2013
Datta Kuvalekar, Head, Forbes Marshall Limited, said, “Serving the Indian and international pulp and paper industry for more than seventy-five years with its focus on improving the energy efficiency of pulp and paper mill operations through innovative steam engineering and control instrumentation solutions, Forbes Marshall believes that the current and future situations will make it imperative for pulp and paper mills to go for cost reduction; and energy is a major area where waste can be reduced. Keeping this in mind, Forbes Marshall brings to the market innovative products and solutions. This year we bring five innovations to the market.
“The ubiquitous steam trap – that one small device that is so prevalent in industry but probably also the most neglected resulting in excessive steam leaks – is now becoming smarter with the steam trap status being indicated wirelessly to a central station through a wireless mesh network, thereby alerting plant managers to energy wastages as they occur, giving them diagnostics and timely alerts to take action. We expect that at least up to 10 per cent of the energy used can be saved through this proactive steam trap alert management system.
“The second innovation that we seek to bring to the Indian customer is the patented TOFT – the twin orifice steam trap that has taken the world by storm with its unique self-regulating feature for load discharge. Through its twin orifice design, the propensity for excessive leakages is minimised and startup and running loads are catered to smoothly with the same steam trap. It is best suited for board machines, Kraft machines operating up to 300 mpm and heat exchanger condensate steam traps as well as large steam line condensate loads.
“The third product we bring to paper industry is the Internet-based, remote monitoring boiler peak performance system and service known as Effimax, which will enable our customers to save fuel anywhere between 1 and 5 per cent on a sustainable basis. Through a continuous monitoring of critical boiler data and its analysis and real time alerts through the Internet and mobile, the sustainable operation of the boiler house can be managed at lower steam costs.
“The fourth product we bring to paper industry, especially the cost-sensitive Kraft and paper board segment, is the static moisture sensor system that can measure moisture at key stages along the machine direction, such as after wet press, before size press and before and after coaters, in case of board industry. This static moisture sensor thus brings affordability to the highly desired quality improvement programme of most paper companies.
“Our fifth product is a knowledge-based service meant for maintaining paper machine peak performance with a special focus on the Drier section and its optimum drying rate and energy consumption. We can make unique changes in the way drier sections are run using our advanced Neural network and data analysis algorithms. Our existing customers and those intending to set up new paper machines can benefit from this unique service-based offering.
“Many other innovative products have already been introduced, such as the advanced smart Hood and PV systems, Stabilofoils for high-speed machines, on line coater dryer systems with control and zonal control pocket ventilation boxes. Heat pumps with waste low-grade energy recovery potential are also available.
“All of these newly-introduced products differ from the existing ones in the sustainable way they operate, with diagnostics, alerts, safety, production, energy and environment being prime design factors.
“We do hope that PAPEREX 2013 can act as a trigger for fresh thinking on how the Indian and international pulp and paper industry can go for sustainable operations – operations that minimise the industry’s impact on the environment – through deployment of suitable and clean energy technologies.”