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HEADLINE Special Feature

EcosurePulpmolding’s Product Line Contributes to India’s Single-Use Plastic-Free Drive

EcosurePulpmolding Technologies Limited offers fiber-based pulp molding solutions to its customers. The whole product line has been designed to contribute deliberately to India’s campaign of becoming free from single-use plastic-based products. The company is among the new-age contributors to the Indian pulp and paper industry and is committed to providing......
Industry Watch

Ecosure Pulpmolding Technologies to get into Pulp Mill and Paperware Production

“Ecosure has successfully installed more than 150 machines. We have fourteen plants running and very soon, we aim to finish another six,” says Ms. Kritika Tripathy, CEO & Co-founder. Ecosure Pulpmolding Technologies Limited offers sustainable solutions to produce in-house pulp fiber from non-wood resources using chemical-free patented technology & to......