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PM Vol21 No2 Jun-Jul 2020

Paper Mart’s JUN-JUL 2020 issue is now live. Featuring industry’s views and opinion on the scope of Copier Paper amid pandemic, exclusive interviews of ASEPTO, Billerudkorsnäs, Flipkart, Nestle, Valmet, Sharma Fabricators & Erectors, The Globe Radio Company, Industry Articles and top stories of pulp and paper industry. ...
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Going Paperless Doesn't Going Green

Perhaps we can finally say goodbye to those simplistic “Go green, go paperless” promotional campaigns. There’s nothing particularly green about the massive data centers that store the internet’s data, The New York Times revealed after in-depth investigation. Data centers waste electricity and spew pollutants in a way that “is sharply......
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APRIL: “Our business will grow and evolve if we achieve strong results for our triple bottom line – People, Planet and Profit”

APRIL started up its biggest single pulp line in the world to produce 1.5 million ton per annum of bleached kraft pulp in Rizhao, Shandong Province of China during mid-2010. In addition to featuring some of the most advanced environmental protection technology, facilities, and control & management systems in the world. The mill is smell-free and the effluent is almost...