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The Changing World of Packaging: Matching the Pace

The IPPTA’s seminar and technical conference with a major focus on packaging tried to put together an eclectic mix of discussions and technical presentations to cover technological, qualitative and commercial aspects of packaging evolving with time. IPPTA’s conference on ‘Technological Development in the Field of Packaging Grades of Paper &......

Pulp & Paper Gets 'Red' in Colour-coded Categorisation of Industries

The categorisation is based on a pollution index developed by the environment ministry taking into account the emissions, effluents, and hazardous waste generated, and the resources it consumes March 6, 2016 Despite of being one of the most sustainable industries in terms of raw material and recyclability, there is no......

Paper Industry, by nat ure, is Relatively Stable and Community Oriented

Acquisition of overseas plantations, setting a pulp mill outside, continued experiments in agro-social-farm forestry, and even selling imported coated paper under its brand, among other things, are on the itinerary of JK’s journey ahead, feels Mr. V. Kumaraswamy. Hinting towards a xeroxed news article with a curious smile, he says,......

Aqwise: Innovative Water & Wastewater Treatment Solutions

Aqwise’s diverse portfolio range from containerized fully comprehensive water and wastewater treatment units up to large- scale high-end applications meeting most stringent regulatory requirements Aqwise, headquartered in Israel, is a leading developer of innovative water and wastewater treatment solutions for the industrial and municipal markets around the globe. Its diverse......