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Aqwise: Innovative Water & Wastewater Treatment Solutions

Aqwise’s diverse portfolio range from containerized fully comprehensive water and wastewater treatment units up to large- scale high-end applications meeting most stringent regulatory requirements
Aqwise, headquartered in Israel, is a leading developer of innovative water and wastewater treatment solutions for the industrial and municipal markets around the globe. Its diverse portfolio featuring technologies for effective, robust, cost-efficient and small footprint end-to-end solutions are well known to industrial clients. These range from containerized fully comprehensive water and wastewater treatment units up to large- scale high-end applications meeting most stringent regulatory requirements.
Aqwise’s solutions have been successfully installed in over three hundred municipal and industrial plants in more than 35 countries, serving a variety of industries including Food & Beverage, Pulp & Paper, Pharmaceuticals, Oil & Gas and more. The company has global presence and has regional offices and subsidiaries in Latin America, Western Europe and India as well as commercial representation in North America, Eastern & Western Europe, the Middle East and Asia Pacific.
Aqwise 1Paper Mart recently had a quick chat with Mr. Marc Krieger, Director of Business Development – Asia-Pacific, Aqwise. Excerpts:
Paper Mart: A Brief about your company and the product portfolio you offer.
Marc Krieger: Aqwise – Wise Water Technologies Ltd. provides advanced effluent and wastewater treatment solutions, based on the use of our proprietary biomass carriers – commonly known as MBBR technology.
This can be deployed for expansion and upgrade of existing ETPS at paper mills and design of new ETPs for greenfield projects. Aqwise is a global company, with over 350 installations in 40+ countries, with offices in Europe, South & North America and India, and working with partners world-wide.
PM: What are the new developments at your companies that you would like to share?
MK: Aqwise can provide unique and cost-effective solutions for paper mill effluent treatment with both

  • Aerobic technologies : Moving Bed Bio-Reactor – MBBR
  • Anaerobic technologies : Downflow Anaerobic Carrier System – DACS

Aqwise 2PM: What are your thoughts on the Indian Pulp and Paper industry and what is your strategy for this market for next 2-3 years?
MK: There is high potential for activity in the area of effluent treatment in the paper sector due to stricter regulatory requirements and increasing pressure by the authorities, and the economic incentive to increase effluent reuse – thus reducing fresh water consumption.
Aqwise has connected with Foresight International to form a partnership that will enable providing the paper mills with custom-designed ETP upgrade solutions, combining Aqwise professional know-how and experience in this field with Foresight long-time familiarity with all the major players the Indian paper market.
Aqwise 3PM: According to you, what are the opportunities and challenges for working in the Indian pulp and paper industry?
MK: Among opportunities are improved effluent treatment and water recycling which are becoming high priority issues for many paper mills – large & small – creating many opportunities for upgrading and expanding existing ETPs at these plants.
For challenges, the industry must embrace an approach that sees the long term benefit in capital expenditures in the area of effluent treatment, assessing “life-cycle” costs of such investments. Not just looking at capital costs (CAPEX) but on potential returns on such (ROI).