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The Road Ahead for Paper & Paperboard Industry

Manik Seth
The inaugural session and ensuing technical sessions at Paperex, Chennai canvassed the major issues and future strategy of all the segments of paper and paperboards based on virgin, agro, and recycled pulp. Paperex South India held its 4th International Technical Conference & Exhibition on Pulp, Paper, Conversion and Allied Industry......

The Changing World of Packaging: Matching the Pace

Manik Seth
The IPPTA’s seminar and technical conference with a major focus on packaging tried to put together an eclectic mix of discussions and technical presentations to cover technological, qualitative and commercial aspects of packaging evolving with time. IPPTA’s conference on ‘Technological Development in the Field of Packaging Grades of Paper &......

Japan-Based Rengo Announces Start of New Capacity at Joint Paper Mill in Vietnam

Manik Seth
With investments worth USD 130 Mn, the new and second machine with production volume 220,000 tonnes will produce containerboard (corrugating medium). November 18, 2016 Rengo Co., Ltd., Osaka, Japan announces the successful start of the second paper production line at Vina Kraft Paper Co., Ltd. in Binh Duong Province, its......

FPTA: The Indian Paper Industry to Firmly Grow Across All Segments

Manik Seth
We are about 14.5 million tonne as of now, projection says by 2020 our consumption and production will grow up to 20 million tonne and by 2030 we should be around 26.5 million tonne. So, we are talking about 6-7 percent growth in demand which clearly doesn’t exist in other......

Paques’ New facility at Sri City to Provide Wastewater Treatment Innovations to Many Asian Countries

Manik Seth
The new subsidiary Paques Environmental Technology India Pvt. Ltd. is the fourth and most modern sales/production site of the Dutch company Paques, a biotechnology specialist in the purification of wastewater and biogas. The facility is expected to reach the full capacity at some point in 2017.   Paques officially inaugurated......

A Better View of Industry's Complex Issues as the Specialized Third Party

Manik Seth
As part of EY’s advisory services, his intention is to solve clients’ complex issues and capitalize on opportunities to grow, optimize and protect their businesses. His acute understanding of domestic process industry with EY’s global grasp of industry issues will surely help. Mr. Varun Jain, ex-CEO of Khanna Paper Mill,......

Waste Paper Import in India to Increase Year-on-Year

Manik Seth
Cellpap, a leading supplier of recycled fiber and wood pulp, trades more than 700 thousand metric tons annually. The company has been fulfilling India’s growing demand for recycled raw materials for long time. Paper Mart recently had a quick chat with Mr. Jay Kedia, Marketing Director, Cellpap Mercantile Pvt. Ltd.......
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Import of Wood Chips to Offset the Extra Need Generated by Expansion

Manik Seth
The West Coast Paper Mill has successfully completed over three years of importing chips with around forty shipments till date by setting up a sound ecosystem of infrastructure and manpower, dedicated only to import, handling and transportation of chips. Paper Mart recently visited WCPM and its chip handling facility at......

European Paper Industry Exhibits Overall Positive Performance with Continued Structural Change: CEPI

Manik Seth
CEPI members produced 90.9 million tonnes of paper and board in 2015; Graphic grades (newsprint, writing and printing paper) represented 38.8% of all paper and board produced in Europe in 2015, packaging grades 49.0%, sanitary and household papers 7.9% and speciality grades 4.3%. July 4, 2016 In 2015, the European......