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JK Paper to Go for Increased Forest Plantation in Myanmar

Manik Seth
For smooth operations in India, JK Paper is exploring the possibility of augmenting forest plantations in Mynmar. September 23, 2016 Owing to an investment of around Rs. 20,000 crore in the past five years, the paper industry is facing challenges by increased pulp prices. Globally, the pulp prices have plunged,......

EOC Group: Your worldwide Partner for Paper Latex

Manik Seth
With the new facility, EOC is having the annual production capacity of 12000 MT EOC Group is a multinational business conglomerate headquartered at Belgium, furnished with five divisions of production and distribution units all over the world yet with the flexibility of a medium-sized family business, staffed by passionate and......

Paper Industry, by nat ure, is Relatively Stable and Community Oriented

Manik Seth
Acquisition of overseas plantations, setting a pulp mill outside, continued experiments in agro-social-farm forestry, and even selling imported coated paper under its brand, among other things, are on the itinerary of JK’s journey ahead, feels Mr. V. Kumaraswamy. Hinting towards a xeroxed news article with a curious smile, he says,......

APP: Giant’s Indian Voyage

Manik Seth
Standing at a mammoth 18-19 million tonnes per annum of production, a comprehensive global footprint, and a portfolio bereft of nothing related to paper, APP is sure to stir the Indian market with its presence. The Asian Paper giant, Asia Pulp & Paper, recently started its first tissue converting unit......

BELLMER – An Experienced Paper Specialist

Manik Seth
Regarded as a technological heavyweight, Germany has always fascinated the world with its engineering capabilities. Over the years, it has developed a flexible and effective way of moving its best ideas from research centres to the factory floor. A major factor behind Germany’s success in this field is its ability......

Wires & Fabriks: Fifty-plus Years and Still Going Strong

Manik Seth
Headquartered at Jaipur, Wires & Fabriks (S.A.) Limited – a leading manufacturer and supplier of paper machine clothing in India – manufactures a full range of forming fabrics, woven dryer screens and spiral link dryer screens for all types of paper machines including top-of-the-range high-speed paper machines. Over 30 per......