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About Business Established in 1980, in the heart of Mumbai’s commercial district C H Java & Company is a specialty supplier of high quality paper and paperboards to targeted market segments with a focus on Innovation, efficiency and exceptional service. The company strives to support customer success with sustainable paper......

FPTA 50th AGM organized with Paper – GOING GREEN Theme

Federation of Paper Trade Association (FPTA) organized its 50th AGM in Bangalore from Sep 17 to 19, 2011 with the theme “Paper- Going Green”. The AGM was attended by over 700 dignitaries from the paper industry across India, including representatives from paper traders, paper mills. Leading paper manufacturers were present......
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FPTA AGM focuses on “Paper – Going Green”

Karnataka Paper Merchants’ and Stationers’ Association (KPMSA), Bangalore will host the 50th AGM of the Federation of Paper Traders Association (FPTA). The FPTA AGM is an eagerly awaited event in the busy schedule of paper dealers across India. The event enables dealers from all over the country to interact, discuss......