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A Globally Competent & Diversified Engineering Group

The company in the past has successfully acquired many breakthrough technologies in the area of pulp and paper production and has been at the fore front of various low-cost, high-outcome solutions. Set to open its third facility in India, GL&V has some really powerful solutions lined for the Indian pulp......

Paques’ New facility at Sri City to Provide Wastewater Treatment Innovations to Many Asian Countries

The new subsidiary Paques Environmental Technology India Pvt. Ltd. is the fourth and most modern sales/production site of the Dutch company Paques, a biotechnology specialist in the purification of wastewater and biogas. The facility is expected to reach the full capacity at some point in 2017.  Paques officially inaugurated the......

SCA Finalizes Divestment of Businesses in South East Asia, Taiwan, South Korea

The divestment of businesses is to be integrated with Vinda International Holdings, whose majority share rests with SCA April 4, 2016 SCA (Sweden) reports that the divestment of its business in South East Asia, Taiwan, and South Korea for integration with Vinda International Holdings closed on April 1. SCA is......
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THIOPAQ® Desulphuring the Biogas

The production of energy in the form of biogas is one of the most important features of today’s anaerobic treatment plants. The biogas can be used to warm up process water or to generate energy and heat in a combined heat power installation (CHP). However, in most cases the biogas......