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JAL HI JEEVAN HAI – Water is Life!

Keeping in view the long-lived value in staying ahead of the curve and being sustainable, the papermaking companies have made directed efforts paving a way for the efficient management of water usage in their facilities. According to the United Nations World Water Development Report 2020 titled ‘Water and Climate Change’,......
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“With the installation of the IBS showering system, water consumption has been drastically reduced from 2900 m3/day to 2200 m3/day, that is, we have been able to achieve the total reduction of 700 m3/day.”

Paper Mart: How do you implement the water treatment process to facilitate the recycling of water and what are your different wastewater treatment strategies? Deepak Jindal: Based on the studies conducted at our plant, the following are the recommendations and strategies with respect to water conservation: The major areas of......