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Top Paper Companies in India

Manik Seth
Business is all about results. Results arise from opportunities. Opportunities arise from work. And business must work beyond the boundaries of achievement to establish itself from good to great. In this edition we are introducing some of the top companies in INDIAN PAPER INDUSTRY wherein highlighting their future plans, new technologies adopted, recent product launches, CSR etc. In order to...

Industry Expresses… their horizon

Manik Seth
An understanding of the digital printing industry is vital in the strategic interest to those people who are either directly or indirectly connected to the industry. The views were taken to address specific issues like industry scenario in digital and office paper grades. With the market size of 4 lac TPA (approx) it is witnessing the growth of over 15%....

Rendezvous with S.K. Bangur

Manik Seth
Mr. S.K. Bangur, a person with a philosophy 'simple living and high thinking' has achieved strides in his industrial span. With the vision to expand and achieve the next level, West Coast Papers initiated a noteworthy project for capacity & technology enhancement. Along with this they have raised the bar for the paper people. This next chapter resembles the forward...