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Top Paper Companies in India

Manik Seth
Business is all about results. Results arise from opportunities. Opportunities arise from work. And business must work beyond the boundaries of achievement to establish itself from good to great. In this edition we are introducing some of the top companies in INDIAN PAPER INDUSTRY wherein highlighting their future plans, new technologies adopted, recent product launches, CSR etc. In order to...

Emami: The Next Gen Show

Manik Seth
Emami came into inception when two friends gave up their jobs at one of the Birla companies in 1974 and began selling cosmetic and beauty products piled at the back of a hand-pulled rickshaw. Gradually as the time went on it grew as a group with so many offerings under one umbrella. Emami Paper started in mid 80's as a...

The Paper Boat Will Float

Manik Seth
The paper industry's anticipation: a reasonably safe journey through the recession We can truly acknowledge the New Year if we can acknowledge how are economy, and our lives changed in 2008. For our first issue of 2009, we talked to people who have been in, and run the industry at its vanguards. They have seen it through major changes, and...