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Tissue & Paper Products, All Benchmarked to Competition

Standing at 55,000 tpa of tissue production capacity, Orient Paper Mills is one of the largest tissue producers in India, exporting to countries like UAE, Philippines, Srilanka, Australia, etc. Orient Paper Mills, one of the oldest paper producers, is a mainstay of aggregate product basket of the Indian paper market.......
Special Feature

Top Paper Companies in India

Business is all about results. Results arise from opportunities. Opportunities arise from work. And business must work beyond the boundaries of achievement to establish itself from good to great. In this edition we are introducing some of the top companies in INDIAN PAPER INDUSTRY wherein highlighting their future plans, new technologies adopted, recent product launches, CSR etc. In order to...
Interviews Word of Wisdom

M. L. Pachisia: The Man of Substance

Everybody must have seen, heard, or read some brilliant success stories in their life. These success stories make you think how they did it. Carrying the gadgets and the questionnaire, boarding the lift to 13th floor we were discussing the modus operandi of the interview. We entered the room of Mr. M.L. Pachisia (M.D., Orient Paper & Industries Ltd) sitting...