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JK Paper Consolidated Net Profit Soars to INR 151 crore in Q3 FY22

JK Paper has reported a rise of 134 percent in consolidated net profit at INR 151.05 crore for the third quarter in FY22. February 19, 2022 JK Paper Ltd. has recorded a turnover of INR 1,093.87 crore (up 35 percent) and the EBITDA of INR 284.11 crore (up 57 percent)......

JK Paper to Invest INR 1500 Crore to Expand Capacity in Songadh Plant in Gujarat

The expansion will also provide opportunity of raw material supply to local farmers. Approximately 10,000 tribal farmers will benefit from it. July 2, 2019 JK Paper Ltd. will set up a new manufacturing plant in Gujarat at an investment of Rs 1500 crore. A memorandum of understanding (MoU) has been......


In a news item “We have ensured that whatever we have invested in must pay back quickly” printed in Show Daily for Paperex published by Paper Mart for 3rd & 4th day, we had mistakenly mentioned the commercial commencement of production of JK Paper’s writing & printing paper project on......
Special Feature

Top Paper Companies in India

Business is all about results. Results arise from opportunities. Opportunities arise from work. And business must work beyond the boundaries of achievement to establish itself from good to great. In this edition we are introducing some of the top companies in INDIAN PAPER INDUSTRY wherein highlighting their future plans, new technologies adopted, recent product launches, CSR etc. In order to...

Industry Expresses… their horizon

An understanding of the digital printing industry is vital in the strategic interest to those people who are either directly or indirectly connected to the industry. The views were taken to address specific issues like industry scenario in digital and office paper grades. With the market size of 4 lac TPA (approx) it is witnessing the growth of over 15%....

Rendezvous with Harsh Pati Singhania

Initiating with our February- March 09 issue, Paper Mart has begun a new regular section, 'Rendezvous with a Paper Personality.' For our first issue, we have interviewed Mr. Harsh Pati Singhania, Managing Director of JK Paper Ltd. Mr. Singhania was recently appointed President of the FICCI. As Managing Director of one of India's foremost paper manufacturers, and scion of one...

The Paper Boat Will Float

The paper industry's anticipation: a reasonably safe journey through the recession We can truly acknowledge the New Year if we can acknowledge how are economy, and our lives changed in 2008. For our first issue of 2009, we talked to people who have been in, and run the industry at its vanguards. They have seen it through major changes, and...