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U.S. Printing-Writing Paper Shipments Down

According to the American Forest & Paper Association’s October 2008 Printing-Writing Report, total printing writing paper shipments decreased 12.7% in October compared to October 2007, while the month of August witnessed a decline of 11.2%. U.S. purchases of printing writing papers dropped 14.1% in October versus year-ago. Total printing-writing paper inventory levels remained essentially flat, decreasing 300 tons from September.
Uncoated Mechanical (UM) shipments decline for second consecutive month following eight consecutive months of increases. UM shipments decreased 2.5% when compared to October, 2007. UM shipments have had six months of double digit increases, two months of single-digit increases, and now two consecutive months of slight declines. U.S. purchases of UM are down 8.1% when compared to October, 2007. UM inventories decreased 9.7%, or 8,900 tons, from September, the lowest inventory level of the year.
Uncoated Free Sheet (UFS) shipments decreased for tenth consecutive month. UFS shipments fell 10.7% compared to October, 2007, on the heels of nine year-ago declines. The latest decline is the third double-digit decline for the year, which leaves this year 6.7% below last year. U.S. purchases of UFS were also down, declining 9.5% when compared to October, 2007. UFS inventories decreased 0.2% compared to last month, a drop of 2,000 tons.
Coated Free Sheet (CFS) shipments register second double-digit decline for the year. CFS shipments dropped by 15.4% compared to October, 2007. The decline is the largest in a series of year-ago declines as all of 2008 has trailed 2007 thus far, putting year-to-date shipments down 7.3%. U.S. purchases of CFS decreased 20.6% compared to last October. CFS inventories decreased 0.5% compared to September, a decrease of 2,300 tons.
Coated Mechanical (CM) shipments decreased the most in October, its sixth consecutive decline. CM shipments fell 19.4% when compared to October, 2007. In spite of the large year-ago decline, year-to-date shipments are down 5.9% compared to last year. U.S. purchases of CM were down 23.0% compared to October, 2007.CMinventories increased 3.7%, or 9,900 tons, from last month.