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UPM offers a New Solution for Forest Ownership in Finland

UPM offers a new solution for forest ownership as a way to secure a constant and competitive wood supply in Finland. UPM offers large forest entities for sale. The company will make a long-term wood sourcing and forest service contract with the buyers.

“The contract ensures that the forest property will generate a steady profit and guarantees that UPM will buy wood from the new forest owner. It’s an easy way to own and take care of one’s forest,” says Sixten Sunabacka, Head of UPM Forest, North Europe. “UPM is also willing to take care of other forests owned by the buyers. Our forestry experts already manage hundreds of thousands of hectares of privately owned forests in Finland.”

The forest entities are located throughout the country, apart from areas where most of UPM’s forests are located. They represent only a small part of the nearly one million hectares of forest owned by UPM in Finland. The company is selling forest entities ranging from 1,000 to 5,000 hectares in size, totaling close to 30,000 hectares. The forest entities are sold based on tenders and they are for sale for a limited period only.