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UPM Unveils New Range of Kraft Papers for Packaging Applications

The new UPM Solide kraft paper product range is designed for bags, wraps, single-packs and lamination, is recyclable in the regular paper recycling stream.

October 30, 2020

UPM Solide product family

UPM Specialty Papers has launched a new range of kraft papers designed for bags, wraps, single-packs and lamination.

The UPM SolideTM family of kraft papers features a versatile combination of strength as well as converting properties. All grades in the portfolio offer excellent printability to maximize the shelf impact of packaging. All papers in the UPM SolideTM family are recyclable in regular paper recycling stream.

The UPM SolideTM kraft papers are produced using 100% renewable and strong fibres from sustainably managed forests.

Ensuring the safety of packaged products is a shared responsibility. UPM takes product safety very seriously and we do our utmost to ensure our papers are safe to use. Our product safety systems cover the entire manufacturing process from the procurement of raw materials to the delivery of end products.

The UPM SolideTM products are certified as safe for direct food contact. The products have received approval from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and The German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR). In addition, mills producing UPM specialty papers are certified according to ISO 22000 food management systems. The product range also offers alternatives that are free from optical brighteners.

UPM Solide product family

The UPM Solide portfolio offers a broad range of kraft papers to choose from, with substance ranging from 45 g/m2 up to 90 g/m2. Samples and trial reels of the UPM Solide portfolio are available.

UPM SolideTM combines high strength and good printability.

UPM SolideTM Smooth offers high printability with good strength. Excellent choice when you need the visuals of your product to make an impact.

UPM SolideTM Strong offers excellent strength and good printability. The paper is free from optical brighteners, making it an excellent choice when you are looking to convey your natural image.

UPM SolideTM Lucent is a natural white translucent paper with high strength properties. The smooth surface offers good printability and convertability.