VOICES from the feild: PAPEREX 2009 - Papermart

VOICES from the feild: PAPEREX 2009

Since its inception in 1991, Paperex has grown itself as a brand by emerging as one of the world’s colossal exhibition and conference for the pulp and paper industry.
PaperexPaperex09 has provided a tangible platform for the Indian and international paper industry to exhibit the contemporary trends and developments in terms of the technological advancements and up gradation. With an enormous footfall witnessed, the event has brought together the expert groups of exhibitors and over 29000 targeted visitors from the diversified aspects of the industry on a common platform.
This year over 28 nations participated in the biannual event representing the sophistication in technology developed for the augmentation of the paper industry. The event however, missed the strong presence of technical heads to acquire the expertise in the upcoming technology& solutions brought by the international countries along with a limited number of visitors from the converting industries. The improper planning, management and inadequate facilities, has hindered the success of Paperex 09 making people dissatisfied. In 2011, Paperex has to move forward with a decisive outlook, and has to aim to satisfy the over growing expectations, overcome the challenges and attain the pinnacle position among the people from the pulp and paper industry. Here we share the experience of the exhibitors.
1. Stupendous visitor turnout.
2. Excellent International / National exhibitors.
3. Presence of a commendable number of foreign delegates.
1. Missed the strong presence of the technical heads & converting industry.
2. People felt prey to an unorganized and a mismanaged event.
3. Substandard provision for personal hygiene, food and other clamant amenities.
TNPLMr. A. Velliangiri
Deputy Managing Director, Tamilnadu Newsprint & Papers Ltd.
• Exhibition was highly informative and the product display has helped to understand the market competitiveness.
• The technology display indicated the advancement of the industry and possibilities to improve the range and quality of products.
• The environmental solutions appear to have matured.
• Awareness about CDM projects, GHG emissions and Carbon footprint could be felt.
Visitor turnaround:   Good
Major Developments/New ventures/deals:
Identification of some useful engineering material and new vendor.
Suggestions for next show:
• Distance between the conference hall and the exhibition was limiting factor for judicious management of time.
• Theme of each exhibitor in exhibitor’s book would allow the visitors to choose the stalls to be visited.
Rating:  2009- 4/5           2007-
MetsoMs. Ulla-Kaisa Aho
India is a strategically significant market for the whole pulp and paper sector. Paperex is a good event.
Expectation to organizer:
Be stricter in terms of policy to all exhibitors to follow the same rules. For an example: height of booth walls for all exhibitors. Better condition of the exhibition hall and carpets, it was quite tough to do the cleaning every morning for exhibitors. Better service in exhibition area, such as business center, food and drinks supply.
Quick delivery of statistics for the exhibitors and visitors from organizer.
Any Suggestions for next Paperex:
The conference and exhibition areas should be physically closer to each other. Otherwise, there should be on an hourly (or even more frequent) shuttle bus between the venues. From view of development: A conference hall can be built closely to exhibition center.
International companies scatter themselves into the same area with local Indian suppliers.
Help exhibitors to lower the exhibition cost with some more measures.
Narshingh DassMr. Kapil Gupta
Director, Narsingh Dass & Co Pvt. Ltd.
The event was well organized as always with very good attendance from the paper industry. There were increased international visitors and export query which was very heartening. However, there was lack of participation from the domestic end-user Industry. We did not see many printers or convertors visiting the show. Also there is scope of improvement in the civic and food facilities at the exhibition venue.
Visitor turnaround: OK; but, not as good as previous show.
Suggestions for next show:
It will be a good idea to combine this show with some printing related exhibition which would attract end-users, printers and convertors.
Rating: 2009- 3/5                   2007- 4/5
Wires & FabricsMr. D.K. Raina
Wires & Fabriks Ltd.
Bigger than earlier shows with better participation & presentation standards. But, maintenance, cleanliness, administration, response levels from the organisers should be made better. Moreover extra awareness/advertisements by the organisers should have been there. Lastly, international participation could have been higher.
Visitor turnaround:  Good
Major Developments/New ventures/Deals:
Introduced OMC, our Italian partners in fibre recovery equipment, a new alternative promoted in India.
Suggestions for next show:
• Conference and show at the same venue would be preferred.
• More low cost sponsorship alternatives for participants.
• Some sort of free/sponsored transport between conference and exhibition venue should be provided. Also, no conference fees should be charged for exhibitors beyond a certain booth size.
• Earmarked dining/refreshment area/outlet for exhibitors only to speed up.
• Pre and post-Paperex meeting with selected booth owners across segments for feedback and suggestions.
Rating: 2009- 3.5/5                  2007- 3/5
BindalMr. Ashok Vyas
General Manager – Mktg, Bindal Papers Ltd.
Good layout, arrangements, services.
 Visitor turnaround: Good
Suggestions for next show:
Would like to have better food facility, better cleanliness.
Rating: 2009 – 4/5                  2007 – 4/5
New HorizonMr. S. Raghavan
Managing Director, New Horizon Pulp & Paper Technology Pvt. Ltd.
Even in economic slowdown Paperex 2009 was a major success in terms of the suppliers, customers and overseas participation, which is a moral boost for the pulp & paper industry. Now the time for the Indian paper industry in general and the Government in particular take note of the stock and must be proactive to take the lead for the benefit of the whole world.
Visitor turnaround: Good
Major Developments/New ventures/ Deals:
After the interaction with Indian paper industry, our principal IKS Klingelnberg gmbh, Germany have assured to conduct regular seminars and training programs to educate the managers and workers for optimizing the result.
Rating: 2009 – 4.8/5                 2007 – 4/5
Shree KrishnaMr. Naynesh Pasari
Shree Krishna Paper Mills & Industries Ltd.
Visitor this time was very good. Although no major deals, however response/inquiries were better and more realistic.
Suggestion for next show:
Since paper industry is vast and becoming heavily crowded more and more people will take part. This means more confusion for common man. Paperex needs more organization and system in presentation of stalls and exhibitors in a way that common man not from paper industry benefits for his requirements.
Rating: 2009- 3.7/5                  2007- 3.5/5
YashMr. Ved Krishna,
Yash Papers Ltd.
Good show, but with less participation from converters. Great place to meet industry peers.
Visitor turnaround: Bad
Any Suggestions for next show:
Involve more converters & users of paper.
Rating:  2009 – 5/5             2007 – 5/5
Abhishek IndustriesMr. Mahesh Nimje
Abhishek Industries Ltd.
Paperex was a good platform which boasted of all the major players present in the paper industry. It certainly spreads new positive energy in paper industry.
Visitor turnaround:
Good, but should be enhanced more.
Suggestions for next show:
Visitor turnaround has to be improved tremendously, along with it, daily news coverage in media has to be given for more public awareness. All new product launches can have a common platform wherein all products are displayed at one stage. Again, certificates should be awarded to every participant which, will enhance their moral for participation in next show and will also justify their efforts in participation. Small magazine should be circulated during exhibition hour, which will include the description of each major stall and theme for the stall.
Mr. Vikas Kothari
Country Manager, Andritz OY (India Liaison Office)
9 Paperex turned out to be a successful event as per our companies visitors from Finland, Austria and Germany. Perhaps the downturn in their part of the world generated lot of impetus in the growing economy of India. This resulted in the maximum overseas visitors as exhibitors in our stand and their evaluation and observations was very positive by seeing the presence of global players as well as major Indian pulp & paper industries. The conclusion by our overseas participants about the Paperex was “it couldn’t be better showcase for the companies in India”.
Visitor turnaround: Good
Suggestions for next show:
•Yes, the most important is that the cost of the space in the exhibition is in the same level as in the western world. So, cost should be reduced.
•Overall cleanliness of the Halls is really very poor. It scores 1 out of 5.
•Even if Paperex is being organized during December, there is definitely need of temperature control i.e. air conditioning or heating as the case maybe.
Rating: 2009- 4/5              2007- 3/5
EintecMr. Vijay Singhal,
The show was definitely good and has gained lot of popularity in past couple of years. But probably, we can still bring in some better support in terms of marking/guidance, tags for the stall cleaning, catering, general support to come up to international level.
Visitor turnaround: Good
Suggestions for next show:
Display for halls, stall, marking, catering, cleaning, security are standard ones which can definitely be improved. Probably for parking, we have no better choice.
West CoastJ.K.Mandelia, President – Corp,
TheWest Coast Paper Mills Ltd
It was a good forum for interaction with world renowned experts, by which we can have better understanding about latest products being introduced by giants in the industry, changing trends internationally, demand & supply scenario, coupled with recent introduction / trends pertaining to technical advancement and usage of latest technologies, equipments and chemicals etc.
Visitor turnaround: OK
Major Developments/New ventures/Deals:
Export enquires, project / modernization / expansion related discussions. Discussions took over costs saving by using alternative chemicals.
Rating: 2009 – 3.5/5                    2007 – 4/5
ClariantMr. Rajanikanth Prasad,
Clariant Chemicals (India) Ltd
I think it was an excellent event and the euphoria & mood of visitors was a revelation – one could not miss the fact that despite the economy struggling to get back to normal, business enthusiasm did not seem to be affected in the least. It reflects the confidence and courage of the concerned business houses in the immediate and medium term viability of expanding horizons.
Visitor turnaround: Good
Rating: 2009- 4/5              2007- 4/5
PepcoMr. Prabhat Bhattamishra
Pepco Machinery Pvt. Ltd.
The show seems to be losing focus with exhibitors spread over different halls without specific themes. In earlier days, different interest groups were housed in different halls. This practice should be revised. Also, there was no internet facility.
Paperex 2009 ended on a Monday which was a total washout. There were hardly any visitors – at least meaningful ones. If the TAFCON cannot end the show on a Sunday, it is better to restrict the show to 3 days which is any way the international norm. 4 days were always a little too much, but this time around, exhibition on Monday was only waste of time and money.
Visitor turnaround:
Though number of visitors seemed to be less, our impression is that we had this time more serious visitors with definite projects/ agendas to discuss.
Suggestions for next show:
Please try to have exhibitors with similar products on offer in the same hall, e.g. machine builders from abroad in one hall , locals machine builders in another, paper mills in one hall, handmade paper in another etc. Secondly, avoid Monday at all cost. If possible, make it a 3 day show.
Rating: 2009 – 3.5/5              2007 – 4/5