Voith to Deliver Blueline Recycled Stock Preparation System for Domtar’s Mill Conversion in Tennessee

A BlueLine stock preparation system, including water, sludge and reject handling equipment, will be installed at Domtar’s Kingsport, Tennessee mill.

August 24, 2020

Voith will install BlueLine stock preparation equipment as part of a mill conversion for Domtar in Kingsport, Tennessee.

Domtar has chosen Voith to provide a complete recycled stock preparation system for the recently announced conversion of the Kingsport Mill in Kingsport, Tennessee. The system includes Voith’s BlueLine products including water, sludge and reject handling systems which will maximize both efficiency and quality.

With an expected completion date in 2022, Voith will assist in the conversion of Domtar’s Kingsport mill, in North America, bringing in BlueLine systems that will maximize the mill’s efficiency and end-product quality.

According to Bill Edwards, Domtar’s Vice President of Paper Manufacturing, Voith was selected due to Domtar’s confidence in Voith’s BlueLine system and the overall general expertise as an industry-leading supplier.

The new system will provide state-of-the-art BlueLine machinery and world-class technology for the mill to operate with the highest quality fiber with minimum water and energy consumption. Our BlueLine product family is designed to deliver excellent sheet quality while lowering costs for energy, fiber, water use and maintenance while enhancing runnability and facility safety.

“Domtar and Voith have a longstanding relationship in many areas and we are happy to be partnering with them as they enter the containerboard market,” said David Buchanan, President, Voith Paper North America. “This system will provide the machinery and technology so that their mill will operate with the highest quality fiber with minimum water and energy consumption. With our system, Domtar will be able to produce an excellent sheet quality for their end customers.”