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World's largest DIP stock preparation line commissioned

Voith Paper recently commissioned the world’s largest DIP capacity (1500 t otro/day) stock preparation line at Palm Paper in King’s Lynn, England.
DIP stockOne crucial factor in the success of the stock preparation facility is its continuous pulping capacity using only a single TwinDrum. During the startup on September 16, 2009, a pulping capacity equivalent to 2,400 t/day was achieved over the course of several hours, making the TwinDrum in King’s Lynn the recycled paper pulping unit with the highest input capacity for DIP in the world.
Recovered paper is mixed in the TwinDrum with water at a stock consistency of 25%, which is gently pulped and then separated from the reject. The TwinDrum consists of a pulping drum and a sorting drum, which provide the ideal conditions for both processing steps. As a result, compared to conventional, single-section drum pulping systems, it is possible to reduce the use of chemicals by 20-40% in addition to reducing the energy used by about 20%. The TwinDrum for King’s Lynn is the largest drum pulping unit that Voith Paper has ever delivered. The second of these giants is already in the construction phase.