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Andhra Paper Deploys ABB’s Advanced process control for optimized lime kiln production

ABB’s OPT800 Lime APC solution to continually drive sustainability and efficiency of lime kiln production at APL’s Rajahmundry paper mill in India. Use of the ABB solution results in uniform lime quality with lower energy consumption and reduced emissions.

August 4, 2022

ABB integrates OPT800 Lime APC Solution in APL’s existing DCS..

Andhra Paper Ltd. (APL), one of India’s largest integrated pulp and paper manufacturers, has deployed an ABB advanced process control (APC) solution at their Rajahmundry mill’s lime kiln.

To help reduce the energy requirements of the highly interactive lime kiln production process, ABB has integrated their OPT800 Lime APC solution into APL’s existing ABB Ability™ System 800xA distributed control system (DCS).

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OPT800 Lime enables tighter control of the lime production process. In the kraft recovery process, lime mud is calcined into quick lime which is then further processed to create white liquor. The process being endothermic, a great deal of energy is required in the calcination process and is one of the leading contributors to mill’s energy costs.

At its core, OPT800 Lime utilizes a model of the kiln process to accurately predict process variable interactions and make real-time adaptions to process changes. This leads to smooth and stable pulp mill operation and uniform lime quality, while also reducing energy consumption and emissions, increasing reburned lime availability, and decreasing residual carbonate variations.

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“We are committed to environmentally and socially responsible business practices, and by using ABB’s APC solution, we are able to optimize the lime kiln operations,” said Mr. M Sura Reddy, Senior Vice President, Mill Operations, APL. “We have worked with ABB’s team for more than 15 years, and they understand the specifics of our business very clearly. We look forward to benefiting from the ongoing results.”

“This new project for OPT800 Lime in the Indian paper industry allows us to expand our footprint while showcasing our digital solutions,” said Mr. Shankar Singh, Global Product Line Manager, Drives, Automation and Digital Solutions, Pulp and Paper, ABB. “We have every confidence that we will help Andhra Paper to achieve, and exceed, their energy reduction targets for more sustainable mill operations.”

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Located in the East Godavari district of the state of Andhra Pradesh, the mill produces a range of products from high-quality papers used in writing and printing and specialty boards. Building on an existing relationship with the customer, the ABB India team engaged with APL from an early stage and conducted a multi-year site study that assessed operational conditions. As a result, they were able to present a tailored solution with quantifiable ROI.