Cartiere Carrara Acquires Carind and CRC from Caldaroni Group

The acquisition will give boost to the Carrara’s converting activities and tissue products offering in the AfH and Consumer Tissue segments.

March 15, 2020

Narita Airport, near Tokyo, set up the facility in its baggage-claim area for passengers awaiting the results of virus tests.

Italy’s Cartiere Carrara has completed the acquisition of converting companies Carind and CRC from the Caldaroni Group.

Mario Carrara, Chief Growth Officer, Cartiere Carrara said, “The integration of these players in the new Group Cartiere Carrara is allowing us to further enhance our existing position on the AfH market which is critical for a long-term growth plan. This operation is part of our M&A strategy, focusing on outstanding manufacturing companies that can be easily integrated in our production and marketing structure and giving a higher profile to quality and sustainability.”