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Innovation from Voith facilitates positioning of edge deckles in suction rolls

OK Voith Track Light

January 27, 2014

With Voith´s latest development, TrackLight, it is for the first time possible to easily adjust the edge deckles meaning optimum machine performance immediately after grade change or startup. A unique lighting system, it allows the operator to instantly identify precisely the edge deckle location and adjust the width of the suction zone relative to the paper web.

Without TrackLight, paper producers face the risk of increasing costs of operation and reduced machine efficiency and performance. Until now, edge deckles could only be adjusted by an experienced operator. Improper positioning can cause various operating challenges and add costs: high vacuum energy costs due to much gap between paper web and end deckle. When operating with a vacuum zone that is too narrow, edge flipping is typically a result of this and impairs machine efficiency.

All these risks can be eliminated with the help of TrackLight, as the suction roll will be operating with the optimum vacuum chamber width. Apart from reducing web edge problems, energy consumption due to unnecessary intake of air is also decreased. This will also avoid a costly known situation, unnecessary stress on the deckle adjustment mechanism due to it turning over the mechanical stop. This helps to reduce unscheduled downtimes and eliminate unnecessary maintenance budget.

The TrackLight technology is very simple to operate and greatly benefits the operator, as it is like seeing inside the suction roll while it is in operation. In addition, personnel do not need additional training – thanks to its intuitive operation.