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ITC presents Opus Card

May 28, 2014

Opus Card, a revolutionary book cover board from ITC PSPD, is endowed with properties that make it an ideal choice for the book publishing segment. The product boasts of high-folding endurance, back-side smoothness and superb binding characteristics. Available from 200 gsm up to 350 gsm, Opus Card is suitable for educational books and is available with FSC certification.

Opus Card was developed considering the properties required for book cover, given the repeated handling of books and their conversion and binding requirement. Book covers require excellent print reproduction on outside and moderate print requirement up to two colours on the reverse. In addition, the book cover is processed in multiple stages through printing, cutting, creasing, folding and finally mated to the book block using a variety of binding operations. This calls for a paperboard with good printing properties on reverse, lay flatness throughout the multiple operations and compatibility with various binding operation. Additionally, Opus Card delivers high yield providing light-weighting opportunity over other substrates used for book cover. Opus Card as a product carries the features of an art board with the performance parameters of a folding-box board.